Resonance, Oxytocin, Collapsing Bridges

With the power of the respirator, the vibrator, and the resonator, your own voice has called you here today. Thank you for listening. Thank you for coming.

Resonance is the most important factor in voice production. It furnishes to the voice volume and quality, and emphasizes its loudness. To rely on resonance rather than on force is essential for producing a big and pleasing voice.

We’re born resonating perfectly, with perfect balance of internal dynamic tension, so the ferocity of being alive is effortless and aligned. Then we learn to stop singing.  We take music lessons and erase everything we knew about the musicianship that was our birthright.

We forget what we sound like. WE forget the sound but inside us the structures remain, waiting to resonate again.

Resonance. Resonating. Creating oscillations in yourself that carry to those around you.

In the world of physics we know that everything in the universe has its own resonance, its own signature frequency of vibration. Like a fingerprint. Like a beauty mark.  Like a key that unlocks what it is, reveals its whys and hows, generates excitement on an atomic level and explodes its amplitudes.

Allow me to speak about bridges for a minute.  If the wind happens to blow through a bridge and it triggers the exact resonant frequency of that bridge,the bridge will sway and buckle until it collapses. This happens, like 1940 to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State.

More bridge facts for you: Soldiers have to break stride, or stop marching in unison when crossing bridges, so as to prevent the waveform of their combined steps from unintentionally calling to the bridge in the bridge’s own vibratory language and crumbling it to pieces.

But not just bridges – everything harbors its own frequency, including your insides. Your hand likes to oscillate at 30-50 hz.  Your eyeballs, at 20-90 Hz.  Your spinal column resonates at 10-12 Hz.  That’s low.

Let’s go deeper.  What is the natural frequency, the fingerprint, the true reverberant name of your own being?

What note are you? (I am a G)

What is the tone ringing true in your core that could shatter the glass, spill the liquid, and dismember you entirely?

What happens if you find the natural frequency of your most authentic self and you are brave enough to sing it, maybe even privately, in bed tonight before you go to sleep? Do all of your past and future selves collapse, like all those bridges, into one oscillation of the ecstatic remembering and forgetting of everything that you are?

Do you die? Do you have an orgasm? Do you wander off into eternity in your sleep? Are you finally free?

Perhaps. Many things are possible when you sing.

And here we are today, together.

And when we sing together, the entanglement begins. My natural frequency meets yours and the sound waves wrap around each other like arms and legs and fingers interlaced. I can swing higher on my swing when you are pushing me just at the right time, and I’ll push you too.  We sing ourselves out and breathe each other back in.

When we harmonize, Oxytocin, the chemical that helps us feel close to each other, is released.  Also dopamine. Also serotonin.  We get high on each other’s voices. Let’s get each other high.  I wanna get high on all of you.  Do you wanna get high on me?

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