Cult Leaders

::::: Daisy Press :::::

Daisy Press is the head priestess of our Voice Cult. She is a prominent interpreter of experimental classical music in the US and Europe.  As the principal singer at the House of Yes, she has most likely brought you to tears and perhaps to your knees in Ketamine: the Musical, The Xmas Spectacular and many more.

To share a room with her is already a healing magical experience, to sing with her is a rare privilege.

::::: Anya Sapozhnikova ::::::

Anya Sapozhnikova is a textbook example of a proper cult leader.  With her tremendous charisma she is a master manipulator, and uses age-old tactics of offering a really good time in exchange for discipleship. She claims to have special powers which cannot be put in writing for legal reasons. 

Her deeply ingrained fear of singing and dedication to overcoming it makes her an ideal candidate for you to submit fully to at our cult gatherings. You’ll never look back. 

Copyright 2017 Daisy Press