What is Voice Cult?

The central tenet of Voice Cult is that every voice holds true incantatory power.  You were born singing.  You have been singing since the beginning of time. Through our voices we connect, align, vibrate, express, process, remember, forget, wish, apologize, forgive, go into altered states, heal ourselves and each other, flee, find, talk to dead grandfathers, lure each other into love, become our own mothers, and paint the room with iridescence.

If you can speak, then you can sing – even if you have only ever croaked out thin ratchety wisps of songs and ESPECIALLY if your mom told you that you were tone-deaf in the fourth grade. If you are a great singer, come because you love singing, the more the merrier.

We sound like ourselves here. What will we sound like together? Let’s feel things. Singing together can be closer than touching.

At Voice Cult we learn, over time, the body awareness and sensations which signal healthy singing.  We engage in the long-standing, frequently challenging, and utterly worthwhile process of restoring the alignment of our vocal instruments. We learn about vocal health and vocal sustainability.

Voice Cult will become whatever we need it to be.

In terms of what we sing, it will vary: Gregorian chant. Nine Inch Nails. Rounds from your childhood. Circlesongs. John Cage. Steve Reich. Monkey Chants. Lots of Pauline Oliveros improvisations. Songs written by ourselves and our families, and whatever other type of sounds we need to make on any particular day.

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